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Fire-prevention automation

Any constructed or reconstructed residential, office and administrative building, as well as an industrial structure, cannot function without fire protection units and corresponding systems. In each of them, depending on the purpose and its characteristics, there is a list of such systems.


According to the fire safety normative documents, there are the following fire systems in the average typical office center:


  • fire alarm system


  • emergency lighting and fire alarm systems


  • fire pumps control system


  • control of the bypass valve of the water gauge point


  • smoke exhaust system


  • air pressure system


  • fire valves control system



Each of these systems requires automation for the system technological equipment control, as well as providing operability centralized control and ensuring interaction with adjacent fire or engineering systems of the building.


"Senskom" Ltd. performs all the necessary works for a building fire systems automation:


  • project documentation development and coordination with the government agencies
  • installation and start-adjusting works