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The modern office building includes a number of engineering systems that provide its maintenance, reliability, aesthetic requirements compliance, as well as necessary energy saving. An integrated approach to all building engineering systems design is required to achieve the above criteria. The main purpose is creation of a unified integrated building management system (BMS).


The building management system can become one of the main parameters that form the cost of a building maintenance, as well as its competitive attractiveness.


The main advantages of using a building automation and dispatching system are as follows:

  • centralized intellectual control and management of a building system parameters
  • modern design and comfortable building environment operating for the customer
  • energy resources saving
  • integrated automatic response of the system in case of an emergency situations
  • high speed of alerting stuff in case of an emergency situations
  • chronology and schedules of a building engineering systems reporting
  • extended life time of building systems equipment
  • number of staff decreasing



The system includes automation and dispatching of following main building engineering systems:


  • external and internal illumination system
  • power supply system
  • ventilation system
  • air conditioning system
  • heating system
  • hot and cold water supply system
  • cooled gas supply system
  • sewerage and drainage systems
  • deicing system
  • building energy supply system accounting
  • CCTV system
  • access control system
  • security alarm system
  • fire safety system
  • conferencing and multimedia systems


"Senscom" Ltd.  performs all the necessary works for building automation and dispatching systems creation:


  • technical requirements development
  • project documentation development and coordination with the government agencies
  • software development
  • installation and start-adjusting works
  • staff learning and control system maintenance


Furthermore our company carries out designing and installation of buildings local automatic systems:



  • separate heat points automation
  • air supply and exhaust systems automation
  • boiler stations automation
  • cooled gas supply system automation
  • hot and cold water supply systems automation
  • power supply system automation