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Industrial automatics

In the modern world, any production cannot function without automated process control systems (APCS), which is an indispensable condition for their appropriate operation and prevention of emergency situations.


The use of APCS also is mandatory factor which ensuring competitive qualities in current market relations.


Now a day process control systems are created on the basis of programmable logic controllers, which perform a wide range of functions, ensure high reliability, and also have a highly developed flexible structure and an effective human-machine interface.


Any APCS involves an effective dispatching system of a production or technological process. The dispatching system includes: integrated data network of technological processes managing, the creation of a human-machine interface, and the ability to output the necessary information to adjacent top-level management systems.



Our works include:

  • development of technical requirements  for designing APCS
  • project documentation development and coordination with the government agencies
  • installation and start-adjusting works
  • PLC and SCADA programming
  • maintenance and operating stuff training