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Smart House

Home is a place where a person spends most of his life, therefore it is not unimportant to make this place as comfortable and enjoyable as possible in order to bring pleasure to its owners, family members and their guests. In addition, it should be safe and provide the necessary security functions.



The Smart House system is a unified data environment for automatic, local and remote control, as well as visualization of the engineering systems parameters with the aid of:


  • central touch control panel
  • local control panels
  • stationary, mobile PC or smartphones
  • portable infrared or Wi-Fi remotes
  • GSM and/or CDMA communication (SMS)



Сonsidering the advantages of a Smart House, we can distinguish three main functional components:


  • сomfort
  • safety
  • energy saving



And the safety is a fundamental feature. Just imagine that you no longer have to worry about different reasons: have you turned off the iron or oven? Have you forgotten to close the window or the door or even water in the bathroom? Now, just by sending an SMS message or using the Web, you can activate "guard mode" of your house and it will automatically perform all necessary operations and wait for your arrival.


For example the system is able to:

- turn off all unnecessary electrical devices

- de-energize sockets for children's safety

- switch off the light

- will block the supply of water and gas

- decrease temperature inside the house in the winter, or to turn off the air conditioning in the summer

- turn off the warm floor

- will close all windows and doors, and draw down jalousie



At your request, the house can simulate your presence: switching on and off the lighting, as well as controlling multimedia devices.

The Smart House is able to prepare a house for your arrival:

- increase the room temperature up to a comfortable level

- turn on the warm floor

- fill in the bathroom with a required temperature water

- switch on lighting and even to turn on music



Considering described above qualities, the Smart House results in significant energy savings, by means of the appropriate climate and lighting systems management, eliminating unnecessary outlays.


The Smart House can include the automation of the following systems:

- indoor and outdoor lighting

- sockets and devices power supply control

- air supply and exhaust

- air conditioning

- heating and cooling

- water supply

- water/ gas leaks control

- watering, etc.

- floor heating

- sewerage and drainage

- gas supply, as well as energy supply accounting

- gas and fire safety

- multimedia