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Complex decisions

 "Senscom" Ltd. offers:


Integrated engineering solutions of automation, dispatching, power supply and security systems for:


  • offices and administrative buildings


  • shopping malls and entertainment centers


  • banks and educational institutions


  • residential buildings and cottages


  • private houses and apartments


Implementation of integrated solutions allows increasing of energy saving, provide comfort and operation safety of buildings and facilities.

  Modern technologies allow saving energy consumption up to 40%, significantly reduce the costs of engineering systems maintenance, and noticeably increase service life.



Integrated engineering solutions of technological processes dispatching and automation for:



  • chemical industry


  • food industry


  • metallurgy and machinery


  • power engineering



Automation of separate technological units, conveyors, boiler rooms, as well as autonomous power supply systems (cogeneration and diesel-generators).




"Senscom" Ltd. provides a full range of services for engineering systems creation and implementation:



  • concepts and technical requirements development


  • technical project design


  • installation and start-adjusting works


  • hardware and visualization systems programming


  • operating stuff training


  • warranty and post-warranty service


  The company has all necessary licenses and permits.